Magic Rituals

Rituali5 Magic Rituals

From the moment a person becomes aware that he or she has a special power or gift, they start doing some special rituals, they talk and do what they think that it is right in that moment.

It looks like that some unknown power leads them.

Then they totally independently start to get involved in some knowledge for which no one tells them how to do it.

Sometimes they are lead by some apparitions who are able to hear and see, and are able to make some acts during the daylight or night, and at every place in the world.

There are hundreds of rituals made to provoke different changes in someone’s life (especially in the Balkan area) and a person who has that power must help every person who is looking for their help.

Working period of such people is with no limitation, they work all the time, they learn during the night, they suffer while collect strength and knowledge only to be able to use all these knowledge during the day – in practice, trying to help needed people.

The rule of “East” is used during rituals made early in the morning, when it is still dark, always in rooms or at the entrance (if needed, on the stairs).

If it is made in a room, it has to be done close to the open fireplace, and if there is no fireplace, than candles could be used. 
Places in front or behind the door are seemed as a very important because it is believed that souls of the ancestors are settled there.

During such rituals that souls are very often invited to help.

Also stairs are very important, from the first stair to the doorstep.

Doorstep is seemed as a border between sacred inside the house and the outside.

When people are singing on the stairs, that means that they are going to the better, but gradually, overcoming one by one obstacle.

If there is a need to help a sick person, then the rituals should be done in the nearest lawn. In the past the nearest water mill was used instead.

Crossroad has always been a place where “something” is concentrated and from where is spreading.

That’s the reason why crossroad is often used for magic, simple or complicated, but very effective.

It’s very powerful place, either to put “something” there, or to “pick it up” from there.

In many countries there are different rituals that are used even it is 21st century.

For example, in Madagascar diseases or evils are transfer to the animals; on Sumatra there is a ritual “made to force curse to fly away” (usually done by using birds).

There are many actions that we could call rituals that are present and used even today.

Ethnological writings (by dr. Radenkovic) talk about very dangerous methods for the protection of descendants.

Evil could be repelled using very strong fragrances or objects, as it is believed. In some places, rituals that are still used could be very shocked for other nations.